DDMF provides you with all the tools necessary to bring out the best in your audio work. Here is our portfolio:

Plugindoctor WebP

Plugindoctor: always reassuring to know everything’s okay with your plugin!

MagicVerb webp

MagicVerb: enjoy Hollywood’s secret sound spaces…

Metaplugin WebP

Metaplugin: the Swiss Army knife of audio plugins…


Superplugin: plugin chaining made easy…

GrandEQ WebP

GrandEQ: the five-star equalizer…

NoLimits2 WebP

NoLimits2: smooth-as-silk lookahead limiter


MagicDeathEye: handbuilt variable-mu compressor from California…

MDEStereo WebP

MagicDeathEyeStereo: master buss tube compressor with built-in EQ section…

6144 WebP

6144: a Neve style equalizer that just cannot sound bad…

ERS 250 WebP

ERS 250: the first digital reverb ever built… now even more digital!


ERS DimD: 80’s chorus, watch out Phil Collins!

ERS EchORek2 WebP

ERS EchORek2: a replica of the famous Binson analog delay


IIEQPro: unique all-terrain multi-track equalizer

Comprezzore WebP

Comprezzore: a fresh take on compression…

LP10 WebP

LP10: mastering flexible-phase EQ…

Chorddetector WebP

Chorddetector: find out the chords of your favorite songs!

Bridgewize webp

Bridgewize: universal bit bridging solution

DirectionalEQ WebP

DirectionalEQ: sound sculpting in the stereo field

StereooeretS WebP

StereooeretS: Three-band stereo field wizardry

TheStrip WebP

TheStrip: old-school channel strip with a modern touch

Envelope WebP

Envelope: lush true-stereo reverberator

LinComp WebP

LinComp: linear phase 4-band compressor

VirtualAudioStream WebP

VirtualAudioStream: put VST plugins into your Windows audio chain


VirtualAudioRecorder: record your Windows soundcard output